Bellingham Diner

Bellingham Diner

The Bellingham Diner was established in 1971 and continues to serve fresh eggs, ham bacon and sausage 24 hours per day on the main drag in Bellingham, Washington. Come try our pancakes!

Bellingham Diner

This Week's Specials

The Pacific Northwest flooding is over, but the sun is still low in the winter sky. We all joked about how Al's too-short long pants (a.k.a. "floods") came in handy when the surging creek caused the diner dish tubs to back up all over the floor, but even those floods are over now as Al bought new pants in the Bellis Fair Mall Economic Crisis Sales of early January. So come on in and see Al's New Pants!

Sample the Svedish Pancakes as well, as only Al's Uncle Sven could have designed. Not too sweet, not too crunchy, and not to thick, Al's Svedish Cakes are "to die for". Open 7 days unless it rains more than 12 inches in 48 hours.

Prior Specials - going back in Al loves to do!

The rain has arrived, so Al is serving up runny eggs all this week. The rain's dripping off your head, that cold has your nose all runny, and Al's undercooked whites will slide right off the plate if you let them. Be sure and ask for an extra piece of sourdough to sop up the yolk.

Al's back with his famous Bellingham's Fall Oatmeal Surprise! He won't reveal exactly what's in there but we've so far recognized walnuts, raisins and/or mini currants, banana and at least a hint of local honey. Also on this week's agenda: half-price grilled cheese on any days that Wade King, Carl Cozier, or Kulshan have half days. Bring the kids!

Fair Warning from Al and Debbie: There is a US Patent for "butter flavored composition which may be in use at less upscale establishments than your favorite Bellingham restaurant:

United States Patent 4684532 : A process for obtaining an aqueous soluble butter flavor is disclosed comprising cooking together an aqueous combination of sugar and butter in a ratio of 50:1 to 1:10 at a temperature of about 150° F. to 250° F. for about 0.5-5 hours. The resultant emulsion is separated to recover an aqueous phase having a cooked butter flavor. When incorporated into low calorie table syrups, the flavor imparts a cooked butter taste and maintains the syrup as a clear composition. Low fat spreads may also successfully utilize the recovered cooked butter flavor phase.

School's Back In Session! celebrate the return of the kiddies to school, with Al's "Lazy Morning Breakfast". Served from 8:45am until noon, and that means you arrive at 8:45am and stay until noon. Get it? The kids are in school! You're free! Al's such a comedian, but he has eggs, muffins, and good ol'e diner coffee hot 'n ready for you.

Start the Labor Day week with Al's new recipe "ChemCakes". ChemCakes are artificial pancakes made with non-dairy egg-like substance (get it.. no "labor" as in no real egg laying this week). Al thinks he's a funny guy. Our real egg specials will be available for B'Hamsters less eager to consume synthetic materials passing off as nutrition.

Please note:Debbie's interview is scheduled for Thursday, so we may close early to help cheer her on! If you gotta eat then you gotta eat early, mmmmkay?

The "Pacific Northwest Scramble": Let Al wreck your eggs with a muss of flaked salmon this morning, served with a fresh Bellingham Diner roll and your favorite diner coffee.